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  • YOUR FIRST purchase? You should know
  • Advantages of buying
  • Availability of Rules
  • Transport
  • Payment
  • Returns
  • Security Transactions
  • Added services first purchase? You should know


On the first screen you'll find when you enter RegalosOh is the presentation of our products. You'll find several options to sign in if you already have or create your account. In addition to information on the best selling items, to help as a reference, you can find additional information through the links we post often to help the best choice of product.

How to find our products is very simple, in the category menu, divided into different categories:

  • 1. Original Gifts
  • 2. Gift of Design.
  • 3. Classic gifts.
  • 4. Girls Gifts.
  • 5. Hot Gifts.

Once you have selected and given the right product, you have the option to continue looking for other products:

  • 1. Clicking on the Start menu options.
  • 2. Clicking the category block.

How to buy a product?


All product names in can be purchased. Those in stock (the availability of each product is indicated under the photos), you will be sent immediately. By contrast, those who are not in stock at the time of your order, you will be sent as soon as our suppliers provide to us. In the latter case, if the waiting time was longer than normal, you would send an email to confirm you still want to buy the product.

When you find a product you want to buy, choose quantity and format you want and click "Buy". You will not're logged in to place your order.

The descriptions that appear under the products may guide you when choosing your product: what is included or not in the product, available formats, slight variations on the picture ... Of course if this is not enough, you can always write for more information:

At any time did you purchase you can check by clicking "View Cart". Also in the cart have the option of

  • Remove a product that you had initially purchased.
  • Cancel the order.
  • Checkout and the checkout process.

Advantages of buying


There are several reasons why it is more practical to buy in in a traditional store:

  • 1. Convenience: you can buy from home unlimited times.
  • 2. Comprehensive information: you have at hand all kinds of updated information on a single product and the price in a short time and again, without coming to your house. In Regalosoh you can even hear the views of people who have used the products you want. You can choose, consequently, the best option.
  • 3. More complete catalog, that in any traditional setting, and not both brands, but a variety of products.
  • 4. After sales service: in Regalosoh put special care in after sales service for it to be optimal, especially for the purpose of supplying the absence of direct contact with the customer. Consequently, in the service offered by online stores there is no room for delays in delivery times, product returns or repairs, lack of response to a question from the buyer. In Regalosoh the typical statement "The customer is king" takes the maximum impact and more rigorously than in other types of traditional businesses.

Despite all the suspicion that there are around virtual stores, still worth buying virtually especially considering our prices and service we offer.

Availability of Rules


All product names in Regalosoh can be purchased. Those in stock will be shipped immediately. By contrast, those who are not in stock at the time of your order, you will be sent as soon as our suppliers provide to us. In the latter case, if the waiting time is higher than the deadline to place your order, we will be sending an email to confirm you still want to buy the product. In any case, guarantee that products only charge when they are in our warehouse ready to be shipped to you.

Looking for other products?


All products we sell are on the web. If you can not find any product and are interested in him this means that do not sell it or not we can get a competitive price. If you have any suggestions for new products you would like to see in our store, please write to:



Generally, handles the delivery of orders through the shipping agent Tourline Express due to their competitive prices and services and pioneers in the field of ecommerce.

How much is shipping?

Everything will depend on the weight. For example let's say the order has a weight of 1kg, the shipping price would be € 10.45

How much money is paid for transportation and products?

FYI all prices on our website. Our prices are just above the picture of each product and just push the button "buy" enter a product in shopping cart and you can calculate the transport simulating the purchase. In this case you can see the total of your order before ordering.

How long does the delivery of an order?

In most cases as we have indicated between 24 and 48 hours depending on the method of shipment.

Yes, someone must be home to receive packages. If possible, please provide your address or the address of a friend or relative. In these cases do not forget to warn them!

What if no one is home when TOURLINE delivers?

Do not worry. Try to make delivery again for some time. After this time, and if delivery failed, the packet will be returned to us. In this case, the customer will refund the money paid for the products but not for transport.

¿I can ask that the delivery is carried out at a certain time of day?

Drivers have an established route that is impossible to modify. Let us know the most suitable direction to facilitate your receipt of order: business address, next of kin, as examples.

¿I can ask the delivery address is different from the address given in the order?

Yes, it is possible. But will a fee by the carrier, NEVER repeat NEVER by

¿I can stop a shipment that has already gone?

No, not possible. Once an order has left our factory for delivery to the customer, we have no chance to stop it. If a client wants to cancel an order after it has already been shipped, we will refund the money you paid for the goods but not for transportation.

IMPORTANT / RESTRICTIONS in transportation: We are sorry but we can not deliver to addresses military zones (APO) or PO boxes, our carriers require a street address for deliveries along with a phone number.



You can pay your orders in different ways:

  • Payment by credit card: it will charge at the same time of shipment. Fear not give information of your card: the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) ensures the transmission of this information from your computer to the server in a fully encrypted Regalosoh. In accept payment by credit card. However, reserves the right to request payment through other options in certain situations.
  • Payment via PayPal: Paypal Bank acts as intermediary between the client and Regalosoh and is made by sending an email to



You have 7 days from the date of delivery of product to return the unused product and change or other product or money back. In the case of the following situations:

  • The product format and are not correct.
  • The product is defective or has suffered any damage during shipping. pay the cost of returning the product and shipping the new product.

WARNING: This final entry is not effective for situations not described in the preceding paragraph. Consequently, in situations other than those described above, not bear the costs incurred for the return.

What you have to do to return a product that:

  • 1. Contact us at the address before returning any product.
  • 2. Once you receive by mail an authorization number for return, you can send the product.
  • 3. For the return of the material, remember to send the complete product in its original packaging.

NOTE: All charges for failing contacted prior to return, for not waiting to receive a return authorization will be deducted from the debt to the client.

Transaction Security


Many Internet users are reluctant to provide personal data and credit card numbers in the online environment by the fear of misuse of such data, as well as "theft" of them by unauthorized third parties.

Logically, the information technology companies have caught this problem and have developed security systems that guarantee the transfer of confidential data.


After confirming the security of transactions, we can only say that the purchase by credit card is convenient for various reasons, do not need to scroll to the bank for transfer will be faster shipping, and returns are also faster.

Added services

In work daily to offer the best service, so we have a personalized telephone or through email.