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Megatron Mimobot

29.90 EUR 23.90 EUR
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USB Memory Megatron. The bad guy, the leader of the decepticons always at war with the Autobots.

Now he wants to take over all your data for use against Optimus Prime.

Despite being the badass of the series, and present you with multimedia, such as screensavers, icons, videos ... so not that bad.


- USB 2.0 Flash Memory.

- Compatible with MAC and PC.

- Capacity 4 Gb.

- Includes wallpapers, icons and extra stuff for your entertainment.

Why give it away.

- Because if the gift recipient struggles to convert the Decepticons in the superior race of the universe no matter the price, not by his side may lack Megatron.

- Jokes out, is a great gift for fans of the series.

- Because it is a data storage device; very handsome.

Who give it away.

- According to the manufacturer, with over 13 years.

- A more smug fans of Transformers.