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Darth Vader Unmasked Mimobot

32.90 EUR
Out of Stock

Darth Vader USB memory. That gig with you! Now you and your precious data to know the dark side.

The day you give away will be a day long remembered. We have seen the end of the other USB flash drives, usb memory now this will be the master.


- USB 2.0 Flash Memory

- Compatible with MAC and PC.

- Capacity 8 GB

- Includes wallpapers, icons and extra content for your entertainment.

- Measures usb: 6 x 2.5 x 1 cm

Why give it away.

- For every freak, geek and lover of Star Wars and Darth Vader venerates will thank you forever.

- A version with a pale face and emaciated from Return of the Jedi. But be very lucky and goes in one out of six cases. I will be playing?

- For just may scream that gigas join me!!

Who give it away.

- For over 13 years, as recommended by the manufacturer.

- And of course, the super mega fan of Darth Vader and Star Wars.