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Mazeball 3D

13.00 EUR
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Want to test your brain? Forget heated debate programs or football heart that liquefy your brain and take the game brings you Regalos Oh! MazeBall is a complex maze where you must lead a marble to the finish. But I care, ramps, flat twists and turns force you to be very careful and move the ball in all directions if you want to reach the final goal.

Despite its modern appearance, this kind of bead mazes have a great story. In the late nineteenth century, Charles Martin Crandall, an inventor and game specialist, devised the first MazeBall, a wooden puzzle consists of a series of mazes for which he had to move one or several balls. He soon found success as it is a simple but addictive game where users put approves your instinct and intelligence.

Over the years, these games were evolving and changing their appearance. Gifts Oh! offers you one of the popular versions of this puzzle. A transparent ball has plenty of ramps, as if it were a roller coaster, where you must lead the metal marble. Do not despair in the first games, there is a simple game tests your ability to learn.

They say that man is the only animal that trips twice over the same stone. But that is life, right? In fall and get up and learn from mistakes. So MazeBall is a very suitable entertainment for those who enjoy the challenges and who do not give fast in adversity.

It is a very suitable gift for children, teens and adults. Not everything should be chat and post pictures on Facebook. If you give them one of these balls, will occupy most of his time in deciphering the mystery of the maze. And you can do with your kids competitions. MazeBall has a system that lets you know what was the last point at which you have arrived. So be careful, because children learn faster and maybe leave you in a bad light.

On the other hand, and to avoid boredom, MazeBall also lets you skip the first steps to make the game more bearable. Do not hesitate, take this simple, addictive game and enjoy with the whole family.


- 3D Puzzle very addictive.

- 360 levels of puzzle.

- 118 steps to perform.

- 3 starting areas.

- Material: plastic.

- Size: 14 cm.