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R2-D2 Pizza Cutter

17.00 EUR
Out of Stock

Who is the most efficient multitasking robot known universe? Think about it ... They may have been other more attractive, spectacular and above all, more talkative, but the pileup R2D2 is more effective than shared life with humans. And if not, they should ask to Luke Skywalker.

How many times the good of R2 you had to get up the pieces to the hero of the Resistance? Always helpful, either as co-pilot on the ship or visiting fellow sufferer planets throughout the universe, this robot-like futuristic trash never failed.

So if you need a good pizza cutter, Regalos Oh! brings you the most efficient market robot inspired by Star Wars endearing. With this cookware portions cut it to perfection thanks to efficient blade. And what is best, leave astonished to your next dinner guests when unset gleaming robotic cutter. And this tool has a sound output that is activated whenever it is running. And what we hear? The classics of R2D2 noises. Can you imagine?

For sure, over the adventures of the Star Wars, its characters also had to eat. You can not conquer the universe on an empty stomach, or put scaffolding in rebuilding the Death Star without taking a good menu. Would you like pizza to Darth Vader? Will mozzarella exist in the time of Han Solo and Princess Leia? Sure, there are things that stand the test of time and all sorts of intergalactic wars.

If you want to feed your whole army of the Resistance in a night of football, think about this pizza cutter R2D2. In the blink of an eye all the guests will have their portion in the hand, thanks to the good work of the best servant of Skywalker.

This is an ideal gift for fans of Star Wars. And in this case we should say very Star Wars freaks. If your entire house is full of official material in the series and boasts to the last market lightsaber, give her this pizza cutter and hallucinate. And get ready for dinner every day at home. The menu is not very original, but it will be free ...


- Size: 21 cm.

- Includes batteries.