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Toilet Brush Gun

12.00 EUR
Out of Stock

Are you going to the bathroom secret service agents of His Majesty? And the hired murderers? Do you have time for these things? What we do know is that James Bond likes dry martini shaken and not stirred. And he's a guy with style. Guess what the bath brush Mr. Bond? As is, no more no less. Imported directly from the house of the least secret secret agent in the world, Regalos Oh! gives you the ultimate brush to clear any suspicious items and doing your work as clean.

This article imitates a pistol with silencer and all, to which has been added a toilet bowl brush. No lie if we say that the brushes are one of the last things I thought when decorating our house. Its function is not the most pleasant in the world, and the poor cornered survive as best they can in the bathroom. If you want to pay tribute to the brushes, dressed in robes and placed the gun next to the toilet. From now on, this task will be much more entertaining.

Anyway, be careful with visitors. If you take your house to a friend or special friend and passed by the bathroom, her opinion of you can give a beat when you see that you have a gun next to the toilet. So, be sure to clarify that the brush is not loaded with bullets and is completely harmless.

Unusual gifts are many, but few like this. If you're considering a cheapie gift but it is the most special, this brush gun can be queen next birthday of a friend or relative. And who can be the ideal candidate for this article? Perhaps your mother, for example. But if you have a brother who has just moved house and have the entire collection of James Bond movies, for sure you will love this fun brush.

And if you have a boyfriend who hallucinates with spy stories and read every book I can on the CIA or the KGB, may take their adventures to the bathroom and take your gun off, so it can happen. And do not forget that muffler has to fulfill its tasks efficiently and without noise.


- Dimensions: 40 cm.

- Material: Plastic.